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Hi all, as a Jesuit Catholic I welcome you all here. Some would say;  I'm no Saint, I might have been a sinner, now I'm the Angel Warrior 20th.  Heres why,  S.E.F.S. and Christian Full Contact. In life we become who we are through lifes experiences, good and bad. We are chisled away at like a sculpture into who we are today. Importantly we develop OUR own Judgement. It is with this opening Statement I say the countdown has started to our club opening in 2017 . When club opens please peruse the classes timetable below. Expected to be running five classes or more daily.  Opening pushed back due to injury to main instructor. Remember No tyres kickers only thigh kickers.

Standup Evolved Fighting System - MISSION STATEMENT:  

As part of the RECOGNITION AGE – (Global warming - Just look at New Zealands Glaciers) and of the ongoing hatred against Christians around the World – this fight system has evolved into becoming a system using  a Syllabus synonomous with the KYOKUSHIN.  NOTE THE CROSS SHOULDER PATCH -  It is expected that all person/s who learn this fight system will wear the Uniform of Faith (called the Iion Suit - pronounced Eon Suit).  Our mission is for all Christians and none Christians who want to protect themselves and their loved ones, by you the participant, doing your part by learning this fight system. Our mission is also to provide each and every one of you, our participants with excellent timing through reaction training. We consider ourselves to be World Leaders in reaction training – Strategies and implementation. We teach, honor, loyalty, empathy, humility, you also learn to have discipline, self-confidence, great health and fitness, also by adopting our Clean Air Martial Arts lifestyle, for the generations to come. 

We teach YOU to utilise 100 percent of YOUR potential through OUR Rigorous training programs. You will quickly learn to become EXPLOSIVE with every technique you do.  When you become EXPLOSIVE you do not lose that high standard and Keep practising until times up. Like our over 50 year old instructors, they lead by example. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Commencing soon FREE Womens only self defence classes.  Class dates and times check timetable.  Women only classes for their Hour of Power. Also Mens Anti Domestic Violence Self Defence classes - Men only classes, dates and times to be confirmed. Starting soon. Info to follow.  bring doctors clearance, appropriate clothing, bucket and towel. Normal classes are Invitation Only- The self defence classes are part of OUR Anti Domestic Violence Initiative - further details at steve@standupevolved.com

 This civilian self defence system is dedicated to the memory of the late Shihan Tokujun Ishi, Osu.  Э


                    Monday         Tuesday         Wednesday       Thursday         Friday         Saturday    Sunday
7am to 8am   Martial Arts    Martial Arts                             Martial Arts    Martial Arts                     MASS
                     YOGA            YOGA                                    YOGA       YOGA                ll am         REST
                                                                REST                                                           to
10am to 12 am  Over 50's      Over 50's                               Over 50's     Over 50's            2pm    
                      Karate            Karate                                   Karate         Karate               3 hours     
                                                               EXAMEN                                                      Extreme     
12 noon     MMA                  MMA                                      MMA           MMA                 Training    
To 1 pm    Standup Reflex    Standup Reflex                   Standup Reflex Standup Reflex    Reflex     
1pm to 2pm  Hour of             Hour of            REST                Hour of          Hour of         HOUR OF POWER IS KARATE workout
                   Power              Power                                       Power           Power          to help BEAT P.T.S.D.
6pm to 7pm   FREE            FREE             FREE                 FREE            FREE           All Self defence
                    Womens        Mens             Womens              Mens             Mixed         classes are part of our
                  Self defence    Self defence     Self defence       Self defence    Self defence  anti domestic Violence

7pm to 9pm     Main                Main               Main                   Main             Main        
                       Class              Class              Class                 Class            Class    
COLOUR    CODES                        
GREEN    Easy                        
YELLOW  Easy to  Medium                    
RED         Hard and please NOTE: Sai and Bo Weapons instruction in Red classes.                       
BLUE       Easy to Hard 


     "Political correctness is overated - all you have to do is ................

"Respect All Things within reason." Поважати всіх речей

 -To my dearest Ellen whose support helped make all this possible. SPASIBA

"If you don't see it coming - you will certainly feel it arriving.'"

Do you train everyday? Is training in karate, boxing etc daily your lifestyle. Then this song below may just be for YOU. The words of the SONG are very PROFOUND. The song is called My Standup Fighting Role - THEME song. FULL AUDIO, For a short time only. Buy on link.


Verse 1; My Standup Fighting Role, blessed be my Lord the Rock who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle, Crystal Ball, oh crystal ball, will my Empire rise and fall, like the Roman Legions must, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Verse 2; Is there something more to life than to build it for a wife, and to give children more than their parents had before.

Chorus: Crystal ball, oh Crystal ball, Lord help hear my hearts call, keep me safe so I don't fall in my Standup Fighting duel, have my enemies the demonies, disappear in the air, as I know God is fair.

Verse 3; I go to training, earn the bread, watch T.V go to bed, sunrise, sunset, year to year. before I know Xmas is here, Its not Kumite, nor practise fight, and theres no Martyrs hall of light, time the speedster takes its toll, as everydays my Standup Fighting role   

Chorus: Crystal ball, oh Crystal ball, Lord help hear my hearts call, keep me safe so I don't fall in my Standup Fighting duel, have my enemies the demonies, disappear in the air, as I know God is fair.

Verse 4; Losers live in class style, in the netherworld of someday I'll, they blame bad luck each time they lose and hide with sickness, drugs and booze;

Verse 5; Losings a habit as is winning Yes, the way to change is by beginning Yes, to live each day as if my last, not in the future, not in the past.

Chorus: Crystal ball, oh Crystal ball, Lord help hear my hearts call, keep me safe so I don't fall in my Standup Fighting duel, have my enemies the demonies, disappear in the air, as I know God is fair.

Verse 6; To see it now, to hear it now, to feel it now, to dream it now, to do it now, to close my eyes and clearly see, that person, that Standup Fighter I'd like most to be.

Verse 7; Crystal ball, oh crystal ball, Lord help hear my hearts call, I think I can, I know I can, with God's help, become a Great Standup Fighter - Fighting Man.


Hi and Welcome. Due to the ongoing injuries to the main instructor, the start day has been postponed to anytime soon.in 2017.. Some of us may suffer a messy mind, some of us have scars on our memories that cannot be removed. My latest song called "A Celebration." is about us who have a messy mind and how to lesson the effects.  Available mid Nov on itunes etc.  What does this fight system teach you? All systems work the Cardio, Strength and Flexibility. We add extreme core training, extreme timing training and extreme visualization training. We will be adding our Anti Domestic Violence against Women initiative. Which means womens FREE self defence classes ongoing bases.

BELT SYSTEM; Four 4x only.  White, Green, Brown, Black.

White - 2 hours basics, 1 hour kata and weapons, 20x fights - show joining techniques and just survive fights.

Green - 2 hours basics. 1 hour kata and weapons  30x fights = showing joining techniques and survive.

Brown - 2 hours basics. 1 hour kata and weapons  40x fights = showing joining techniques - must win 70 percent.

Black -  2 hours basics. 1 hour kata and weapons  50x fights = showing joining techniques - must win 80 percent.

When it comes to Belts - "We don't give them away."  The Equation every Black Belt Expert should know F= m x a - Ask your instructor what that equation means?  If they do not know then the are a FAKESPERT.

Email: steve@standupevolved.comor write to PO Box 1942 Bondi Junction NSW 1355 Australia Standup Evolved Fighting System™ Registered Copyright © 2012. (ABN: 96637198901) All rights reserved Worldwide. | Website Design by SiteFresh Web Design