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Standup Evolved Fighting System.Way of the Future

Head Cover TV - What Can I Teach You? 

Tenacity is the Key. Never Say Never.    

Want a strong core, extreme fitness, extreme eye hand leg coordination, read opponents body movements, apply extreme partner training using Shinai, Train so extensively that you develop an Inner Calmness whilst under extreme physical pressure, importantly use No Gaps - hand and feet Joining Techniques then read ON. .

Hi and welcome.The Secrets Out because, our Full Contact Civilian Self Defence System closes the gap between blocking and attacking techniques, by adding joining techniques. If you are using blocking and attacking techniques, you are only using 70x percent of your full potential, learn JOINING techniques and then you will be able to use 100x percent of your FULL Potential.

Joining techniques are the foundation of this fighting system. It can be described this way, the joining techniques are the tree trunk, whilst the blocking and attacking techniques are the branches.My definition of Joining Techniques Hands & Feet - "To Counter your Opponents attacking hands and feet directly and or indirectly."

Our Karate Fight System is also a Condensed Full-Contact Fighting system. It is a four (4) level belt system, L1 white belt,L2 white belt green tip, L3 white belt brown tip, L4 white belt black tip. To show Faith and Humility, all belts are white with coloured tips only. The emphasis is on partner training to gain quicker reactions, with practice over time, to help gain the advantage over your opponent. Once learning this fight system, it’s like riding a bike, you never forget. 

This is gained by learning how to react with hands and feet in 3x time zones. Slow time, real time and above real time. It is a given that you will have a basic understanding of standup fighting using hands and feet. Basic leg blocks and hand blocks, if not, then you will be taught. It’s all a jigsaw puzzle and with practice over time, it all fits in. Ibuki breathing technique and the Shinai are used extensively throughout this fighting system. From day 1, you also develop a strong CORE, due to the extreme fitness training methods used. 

Slow time is learning mode. When you first learn a technique, you slow it down; you see and feel how it’s done. All techniques you learn this way. especially with joining techniques. With lots of partner training, practice the two most used joining techniques for legs, the front leg inside low kick and the slightly harder right rear leg into opponents inside attacking right leg as it’s in the air halfway towards you (my favourite). See Level 1.

Real time, as it says, the time you kick and punch, as in bag work or non full-contact sparring. Through hard basics to the kiaii, you develop a feel for the real time. When practicing with a partner at Level 1, slow time for an hour then practice real time together for the last ten (10) minutes. Eventually over time you do less slow time and more real time, thereby increasing your eye, hand, leg co-ordination. Don't count out loud when partner training as this defeats the purpose. See Level 2.

Above real time. Now this is when you can see and feel what the opponent is going to do. This you learn by partner training every day, practicing through Levels 1 and 2, gaining ability for Levels 3 and 4. You will have a good level of fitness. You can read your opponents body movements and in seconds or less react accordingly with, blocking, joining or attack. See Level 3 and Level 4More information on how to develop yourself as a fighter, strong core, extreme fitness, extreme eye hand leg coordination, much more at my Knowledge Centre Page. 

Remember, enjoy your standup journey.


Warning Don't wear weight vest that is more than 10% of your body weight.

  1. .This workout can best be done in your OWN garage gym or similiar.  BECOME EXPLOSIVE
  2. you must use the V.I.M.E.R approach to Martial Arts at ALL times.  (VISIONIST)
  3.  Gym clothes, boxing gloves, weights vest, gym mats, 5kg and 10kg barells or kettlebells, floor to ceiling ball, sai, heavy bag, mini trampoline, sledge hammer 15kg, tyres,
  4. Warm up 5x minutes, Kangaroo jumps and or squat thrusts with barbells or kettlebells, 10mins on mini trampoline, 70 to 100 hits with sledgehammer on tyre, wearing weights vest with minimum 10kgs. Now warmed up.  Situps with 5kg or 10kg weights - 100 or more.
  5. Floor to ceiling ball, visualizing hands and feet 10min
  6. Heavy bag, 30 to 1 hour, weights vest, hands and feet. If you really want to get strong core then wear weights.
  7. Heavy bag with Sai, 10 minutes.
  8. Situps with weights - kgs and number - your choice.
  9. Weights - deadlifts - bench press - decline press - pull ups - dipps - curls - other exercises personal - your choice - Never do bagwork without weights vest as it gives you strong core - Visualise and simulate hands and feet at all times. Workout usually takes and hour and a half. DO THESE WORKOUTS AND WITHIN A YEAR YOU SHOULD HAVE EXPLOSIVE KICKS AND PUNCHES. VISIONIST Approach at all times.

(Diagram coming soon).DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE:  F actual based - A story so unbelievable you might think its a LARP:  Once upon a time, in the 1970's a young man nearly died 3x times, by the time he was 15x yrs old.  When 15x he had a major operation, complications developed and he was overcome by darkness a voice said,  "you will see what others can't see." then it become dark to light. Those words were like a scar on his memory and over the next 10x years he wondered what it all meant. He developed into a karateka and represented his Country 3x times.  In the mid 1980s he realised he could SWOCS with Joining techniques, 3x time zones etc, many other things, then experimented with this new knowledge in Martial Arts and in life. Was this what the words, scars on his memory meant ?  In the early 1990's he saw an ABC tv Documentary called, "Scales of Justice." intringed by this Docu he wondered, what did they leave out of the docu. Further along into the late 1990's he watched with intrigue the Wood Royal Commission, what did they too leave out?   As he become quiet an expert on seeing what others cant see, he woud read peoples, body language, pick up on other things and over time developed the 5x layers of thought. He entered the Academy as he had to see things for himself.  Using these gifts he would wait, watch and listen. Also SWOCS.  His skills developed him into an Idiot Savant.  What he saw was evil.  He began to shine a light upon the evil. From 1998, 2003, on, (down the rabbit hole - Great Satanic Reset, NEVER STEPPING DOWN THAT RABBIT HOLE, never collating images, videos, but opened the hatch and shined a light - think dark to light, Chain of Command - up is down, down is up, good is bad, bad is good), August 2021 last shine down the Rabbit hole, thanks again to HUI - Lid now closed - SEE ATTACHED DIAGRAM Coming VERY soon- Fight back is now commenced  2nd Diagram being started September 2021 to?  SEE IF YOU CAN WORK IT ALL OUT, best to understand using the 4th, 5th layers of thought. Thanks for Playing. by AW20TH.  ( diagram 1 - legion, timelines, light, dark, light). 

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