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Standup Evolved Fighting System.Way of the Future

Who Am I ? Angel Warrior 20th Owner of Standup Evolved Fighting System -Full Contact.   Always remembered, never forgotten, the late Shihan Bob Boulton, Shihan Tokujun Ishi, Sensei's Mr Dean McDowell, Mr Steve Graham, Mr Pago Sefo, Shihan Mr R.BEGBIE NZ KARATE PIONEER, R.I.P. AND Others.

People of Faith from around the World are welcome to learn and train in this new JOINING TECHNIQUES FIGHT SYSTEM WHERE YOU LEARN TO USE 100 PERCENT OF YOUR ABILITY.

NOTE:  Don't Worry about YOUR REPUTATION - Good or Bad, Your ENEMIES will make one up for you anyway. 

"RESPECT ALL THINGS within Reason"


"I have not permitted myself to be ignorant of any martial art that exists." -Mas Oyama

As a Fiction Writer aka Tampered MORPH: My EBOOK's "Five Years to Nuke-em,"  and  "Preacher, Pariah, Fracken Liar"  for sale 2021 - Where REALISM gets SMASHED by Fiction and Fantasy.

EXTRACT:  It was 000 call - Self Harm - My female partner and I enter the open studio apartment door - facing us is a large middle aged male. He is facing us with his back to the kitchen sink. I see a 12x inch carving knife in his right hand. I take a step forward. He is rambling to us and himself, I see empty beer cans strewn around the unit. I see him point the tip of the knife towards his stomach. He warns us to stay put otherwise he is going to stab himself. I look around the unit - no one else but us. Shite they didnt teach us this at the Academy. What do we try?? We can't rush him. To far away and the knife is pressed against his stomach. Shall we retreat?  Nope cant do that? What about OC spray? Nope - cross contamInation, been a victim of that - So we must get rapport with him. Hey should we shoot the knife out of his hand? Only in a Hollywood movie. So rapport is the answer - No tazers - weren't issued to us then. So we spend the next 12x minutes talking him down.  I'm lucky my partners is very beautiful - She talks to him, he is distracted - I quitely tell her to move slowly to her right as she is standing to my right. Slowly she does so - talking him down - as you do. I slowly get closer and closer - Whilst he is distracted by my partners chat - I am close enough to pounch. I leap the half a metre distance in half a second, grabbing his right knife hand with my left hand, doing a stiff right arm strike to his chest and right leg sweep - Problem solved - TRUE STORY - HOW WOULD YOU REACT IN THAT SITUATION AS THE OFFICERS INVOLVED?  checkout my fiction writing website here at:

The Crusaders of Faith Full Contact Rank Structure.    NOTE Subject to Change.
1. Angel Warrior 5th after 5 years training as Crusader of Faith.  Or eqivalent in other Martial Art/s - subject to analyse.
2. Angel Warrior 10th after 10 years training as Crusaders of Faith. Or eqivalent in other Martial Art/s - subject to analyse.
3. Angel Warrior 15th after 15 years training as Crusader of Faith. Or eqivalent in other Martial Arts/s - subject to analyse.
4. Angel Warrior 20th after 20 years training as Crusader of Faith  or more or eqivalent Martial Art/s - subject to analyse.

Example 1: If a Participant can show Martial Arts experience  dependant on style and grade - subject to analyse, they may recieve the title of Angel Warrior 5th but only as a probationary rank and must complete 5 years of training as a Crusader of Faith to receive the Full rank.
Example 5: If a Participant can show Martial Arts experience dependant on style and grade - subject to analyse, ie 20 years Martial Arts experience, would still need to complete a probationary period of 5 years as a Crusader of Faith, subject to requirements = may receive the title of Angel Warrior 20th The highest Rank.

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