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Standup Evolved Fighting System.Way of the Future

Alert:  WELCOME TO "STANDUP EVOLVED FIGHTING SYSTEM"  Kia Kaha - Stand Strong.  TEST:  Well here we are 2021 hows the Medical Aparthied going?  No Menzian Government left in Australia, since March 2020 Morrision and the Satanite Cabal are a fully fledged Totalatarian Fascist Regime. (look at their actions), TRUTH ALWAYS FINDS A WAY. Early Nov 21  we will kick off our 2x weekly M.A. anD Pollie wrapped up similiar to the x22 report but focusing on Auzz and NZ sports and Pollie issues.  We will be using our glossary of terms in the vids which should only trigger the Satanite dweebs, manlets, womlets.   #Iwantmyvoteback.  We maybe starting our DOJO at CHATSWOOD sooner than later.  Thinking of a name change to PUREBLOODSDOJO?  or not.  Meanwhile the I.C.A.C. ie Impaired Comedy Attempts Cooked.  An Oracle had one of the NSW Dweed Manlets squirming in their seat.  Doesn't pay to be a Blabba blabba to much. Next week should be good. Watched a movie once called Total Recall, watched another one on Sky News called Can't Recall. But I digress, right now in NSW you have some FREEDOMS back, whatever that means. Why did we lose them in the 1st place?  By the Bye, we are needing Military prosecutors for the upcoming War Crimes tribunals.  We won't get that many applications because you can't be a MASONIC ie Satanite.  We will keep you posted.  Australias SATANITE GAMES IS Set at GENOCIDE 2.0 . ALL WE - you and I, ever wanted was a safe and successful life for ourselves and our loved ones (family), and their families too. THEN THE SATANITES DESTROYED ALL THAT OVER NIGHT - and ALL those Satanites will pay for that. No one harms our Families ever.  Protect your loved one's at ALL COST.  Forget the Great Reset, we have the GREAT AWAKENING, especially Australias soon to be website, exposing the FEYS Countries because we know how much Satanites like Humor and Exposure by us Vulgar and Profane.  Hold the line Patriots WWG1WGA.  READ ABOVE YOUR I.Q. NCSWIC - We maybe adding Live Chat to this website soon.  If we can't share ideas, then we don't have a Country. "I'm no saint, I might have been a sinner, now I am an Angel Warrior 20th." This is a Virtual Dojo website for you  to learn Martial Arts Fighting strategies. osu. NOTE; Dave from x22report has some great PRIVATE SERVERS - Sydneys Royal North Shore Hospital, cant get thru main door without being double dipped. Sun Doctors, cant work their unless you are double dipped.  Otherwise they call you, The CULT of the UNVAXED. NOTE: All of Government/s Satanited. Truck Companies too. Now KMART, ALDI, WOOLWORTHS want employees to be double dipped. Amazing for a snot flu that will 99.8 percent NOTE HARM YOU. CRIKEY MAST MASKS - HOW TO GET YOUR FACE BACK. Easy, photograph your face, especially what your mask covers, super impose it over your face mask (ask wipe), Presto, no more scaring your kids.  No more desensitising your SELF. Your face is Back, So is your MIND. Actung Masonics will hate that, but guess what?, nothing they can do about it.  Your welcome.  aw20th.

 Patriots grab the popcorn. Welcome to Red October WWG1WGA.         

Failed USA Actor Deweeb Manlet Alexa Bulldwin shots some one dead on set?  Poor victim, ABs TDS caught up with him? Meanwhile Blabba Naught Scotty de dweeb maybe moving the Parliament Center from Canberra to DARWIN, keeping within their Satanite beliefs. hmm. Have you seen the T-shirt that says," are you double jabbed? then don't chat me up.  Me either, I haven't printed it yet.  This Self defence system is dedicated to the memory of the late Shihan Tokujun Ishi, Osu.  Э -To my dearest Elena whose support helped make all this possible. SPASIBA  #Iwantmyvoteback.  Menticide Derangement Syndrome and Covid Derangement Syndrome are reciprocal - can't have one without the other.  Definitions coming soon.  NEW SOUTH WALES has a new Leader, some dweeb manlet. Chinese whispers and chopstick says he's a Christian type of guy. (but no Angel Warrior 20th),  Whereis he been for the past 16x months I tell you what REAL CHRISTIANS dont do, support abortion, support Medical Aparthied, forced lockdowns, allowing mental and physical abuse of civilians in society, over a snot flu that 99.8 percoent harms NO ONE. Seems like another DSS, What should happen now that Blabba Gladys de moaner is gone, is the Dweeb manlet should sack, CHANT, HAZARD, ELLIOT, FULLER et al. Disregard all mandates, open up NSW across the board.  Then him and his cabal should give the state to the governor, his Government stand down, whilst new elections a called.  Then take his cabal to NorfolK Island, we here thats where the Australias Gitmo maybe. Also, go to confession and pray for forgiveness for the rest of his life.  NSW Polcie members with a spine, take some leave, relax over the next few weeks up until Xmas, not sure what xmas. You didn't sign up for tryanny, swear an oath to protect life and property and not abide by that oath, due to evil, very evil senior ranks.  The TRUTH always finds a way.  Hot summer is almost here, Australias DSS are panicking,  cos the sun kills the snot flu. What are they gonna do then?  Remember  the CYCLE of A.I.D. ie, Accountability, Intergrity, and Discretion (you can tell your boss to go take a hike, if they are being unreasonable, and they are), remember all your comms have been captured. ours tool When one piece is of the Cycle of A.I.D, is missing then you are no longer a police officer/ force, just a 3xrd world para military.  Remember, discretion, work to rule, or best yet .................... (do the right thing).  Since early 2020, and intro of phantom Covid 19, Australia and NZ become Tolalitarian Marxist Countries overnight.  No referundum/s, no choice by We the People.  #Iwantmyvoteback. Australian Governer General needs to step in and remove Prime Sinister Morrision. Heads UP:  If your are a PTSD sufferer like most of us RetIred Para Militaries, try not to lose focus on the most important things in your life. We are going through trying times, medications or not, don't lose focus.  So we bring back SOON, our focus with BLUE LIVES MATTER EMBLEM as its not about the Suits its about the Boots. If you are feeling down, lonely, despair, dont worry, there are numbers you can call, listed further on this website.  For those who like to spy on their neighbours internet useage, illegally, and complain, known as Usefull Idiots, make sure they have stepped down the Rabbit Hole aka Great Satanic Reset  DARK WEB, first otherwise Zero.  PS. DONT FORGET, when the lockdowns etc are completed, and we are a free State, and those responsible held to account, we WILL be holding our FREE 1hr daily Domesric Violence Self Defense Classes, and our anti PTSD  Karate Classes.  REFOCUSING IS IMPORTANT.   Physical workouts are one of the Best anti stresses, mixed with good diet, good friends. If you have been or are working with a uniform, make sure to check your skin. ie doing 12hr shifts, skin cancers can slowly appeer - if you have a scratch anywhere and it doesn't heal get it looked at immediately. by TRIGGER MASTERR 

INCITEMENT IS when you sack the Cartoonist of the above Cartoon.

NOTE:  The Worlds Australian Music Album the World doesn't know about. (A Christian Music album thru Jesus Christ and the One True God may have something to do with it). - so many Satanites, Expose them Enphesians 5: 11, we will  too at Coming Soon. Video 1 WHAT WE ARE EXPOSING, child exploitation by Powerful people, In Australia too. 2. MORRISONS FALSE TONGUE ON FULL BLAST, 4  BOSI a LARP or not,  IE Lt Colonel BOSI explains it well, read between the lines, read above your I.Q. its all there. Our take, as we are retired Para Militaries with S.Ops and C.Surv, etc experiences.  Hobbies now Forensic Crime Analysis, all Crimes. .  In 2021 we have a new syllabus which we will share with you. It has basic requirements, plus, need to have 1st Aid Cert, Fitness Cert, Biomichanics Cert, Sports Psy Cert or better. You  dont want to be compared to a McDojo. as a Hanshi once said to me, "don't worry about Politics, it will find you." (karate). Osu to that. Stay Safe, post again in the next few weeks.  Some of us went to the school of hard knocks (kings) and university of commonsense - so forgive my spllng. Our Fight System Patron Saint is  Saint Michael. Two atributes of a decent Human Being, Humility and Empathy. Hmm.  TEST

Our V.I.M.E.R Approach to Martial Arts is one of the strenghts of S.E.F.S. through our Visionist Martial Arts. For 2020 and beyond using the five layers of thought instruction methods.  In everyday life we use the first three layers of thought. We teach Visionist Martial Arts and P.F.A. through our forth and fifth layers of thought. Life Changing it is. Warning We use Subliminal messaging, muscle memory techniques, for you to learn as part of YOUR  Positive Self enforcement for you to protect yourself and loved ones. We don't tell you how to think, nor who to vote for, but give you the best Idea's on how to fight,  because we care about YOU. Osu. 

V.   Visualise. I.    Internalise. M.  Memorise. E..  Equalise. R.   Repeat.    To learn this method.  come to training.

Hi and Welcome.  What does this fight system teach you? All systems work the Cardio, Strength and Flexibility. We add extreme core training, extreme timing training and extreme visualization training. We will be adding our Anti Domestic Violence against Women initiative. Which means womens FREE self defence classes ongoing bases.    TOUGH IT OUT OR GET OUT   Disclaimer    a/aT

All I know is FEAR, I see it in YOUR eyes, don't let fear hold you back.  

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